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Data Warehouse Modernisation: Are You a Follower, Laggard or Pioneer?

Data modernization is key in digital transformation because traditional architectures don’t fit the purpose anymore. The volume and variety of data being generated every day is huge and complex and traditional architectures can't accommodate it. Organisations need real-time data and more agile systems to keep the pace in digital business environments.

According to a BARC research from December 2019, the majority of nowadays organisations (66%) are Followers, (24%) are Laggards and only a small group of Pioneers (10%) are leading the future and inspire others for data warehouse modernization initiatives.

Followers and Laggards have a lot to learn with this leading organisations that are shaping the future of data warehouse modernization.

This Pioneers are:

1. Building leaner data architectures to reduce complexity;

2. Utilize cloud services and deploy data services to increase agility;

3. Invest in data catalogues and data hubs, microservices and API management to make data usage easier and more flexible;

4. Expand the use of data and analytics like real-time analytics and streaming;

Leaders choose different approaches for data warehouse modernisation, like cloud services, the use of a central data warehouse approach based on analytic databases and real-time processing, and also the use of Data warehouse/ETL automation approach.

by Paula de Oliveira

Passio Consulting co-founder and Managing Partner



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[Online] BARC - Business Application Research Center, 10 December 2019. [Cited: 11 December 2019.]

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