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Let’s talk about DOMO in the BI Space

Atualizado: 4 de jan. de 2022

DOMO is a North American company which offers to the market a cloud-based platform, that is specialised in Business Intelligence tools and data visualisation. The main role of this software is to transform large amounts of data into relevant insights, which will help decision-makers to make better decisions and to optimize their company's profit. An easy way to drive business with data.

To start DOMO´s life cycle we need to connect data with DOMO, secondly, we need to prepare data for analysis and visualisation, then we should visualise and understand what is the story data is telling us, and finally, we discover insights that drive better decisions.

In my opinion, DOMO has many advantages, but I will only focus on the most important ones, at least for me and for my daily activity.

First, DOMO offers many connectors to connect data to the platform, which are connectors cloud, on-premises and file upload. This diversity of connectors facilitates our job in one of the most important steps of this cycle: insert data into the software.

Another important advantage is regarding the data transformation. DOMO provides two easy ways to transform data: drag and drop magic ETL and custom queries. Drag and drop magic ETL is perfect for people who are not very familiar with programming, dragging and dropping boxes allow the user to make joins and many tasks to transform data without any code line. On the other hand, custom queries allow users to program with MySQL or RedShift, for example.

Other advantages that I identify lay in the field of visualisation. DOMO has a very user-friendly surface, it is easy to explore the whole platform, and to navigate within dashboards. The dashboards’ image is very clean and attractive, and there are some functionalities which make exploring this software a unique experience. For example, the alerts system, in which we can activate and customize an alert in a graphic, and when the graph achieves the objective that we established, we automatically received a message telling us that our goal was achieved, we can receive this message by email or on our phone through the DOMO app. Another powerful functionality is Buzz, which is like a DOMO chat, where we can communicate with everyone who has access to DOMO. Also, if we see something in a graph that seems not to be ok, we can talk with the graphic owner by Buzz, and ask him what is happening. This conversation stays attached to the graphic and it is visible for everyone, so, when other user has the same doubt can easily see the answer of the graphic owner and understand if something is wrong.

DOMO has many more advantages and is already being used by companies in Portugal.

In conclusion, I think that DOMO has it all to compete and increase its market share in the BI and data visualisation market.

by Diogo Silva

Data Analyst @Passio Consulting

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