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RUN for your (GOOD) life

Atualizado: 4 de jan. de 2022

My testimony is about work and how running can be a great ally in our professional life.

Running is a complete physical activity, which is good for the body and mind, and it is also synonymous of freedom, energy and willpower. Running is good to keep fit, to fight stress, to socialize with friends, but it can also help us in our professional lives! I speak from experience, the race does not just make others envious at meetings, because we are in shape at an age when the tummy should be prominent, but it makes us more focused, more organized. I confess that I am a little disorganized and not very methodical, but racing has led me to an improvement in my professional organization. In a busy and stressful life, I have to plan a 1h30 run, 3 or 4 times a week, and that taught me to be more organize and focus and to plan more my life. When I'm more stressed, I try to run more because it helps to have greater emotional control. In this space of time, alone, without interruptions, I can prepare for the next workday. Runners are always looking for new goals, such as reaching greater distances or reducing track time. If I have the focus to evolve in the race, I also have to grow in my career. Although it seems like a solitary sport, but it brings people together and provides new friendships. More and more groups appear, such as the one I'm in Correr Lisboa, and where we share training, tracks and experiences. Socialization is positive in itself, but sometimes it even opens professional doors. In running, there is no evolution without maximum preparation, which can be applied directly to our work environment. It can turn a person more confident in its capability and positive about herself. Those who dedicate themselves to running tend to take better care of their bodies, get stronger and are rarely ill that make us miss work.

In running, our main opponent is ourselves. Slowing down the time a bit, reaching a new distance, are among small victories that reinforce the compet

itive spirit, but without falling into the "result at any cost". For me, there is another bigger advantage than the increase of patience. When I run, I notice that the next day the tiredness of the body seems to help the head to take a deep breath and be calm when things go wrong! Do you want to try it? Let's run! 

by João Pais

Consultant @ Passio Consulting

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