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The Coronavirus lead us to remote work at big scale

Atualizado: 4 de jan. de 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic growing, many companies are now working remotely.

Remote work is a real solution and this can be a time for learning, finding new realities at work and testing new models of work.

With today’s advances in technology allowing those with a stable internet connection and proper resources the means to work remotely, employers and employees can easly adopt this solution. Nevertheless, it isn’t possible to adopt the remote working measure in all areas, even in the IT, in many cases for security reasons.

We have cloud solutions, VPN and there are also some free options, without the need for a large financial investment to enable employees to work from home. And there are many innovations in technology that will make remote working life much easier.

Although there are many challenges working remotely and requires focus and strategy.

For working remotely be successful, here are some tips to take on board so you work from home efficiently:

  1. Have the right equipment;

  2. Designate a space for work at home;

  3. Have a work schedules;

  4. Structure the workday by planning out which tasks need to take priority and how many hours to spend on each;

  5.  Communicate with colleagues, clients, partners, employer, interact effectively;

  6. Use flexibility wisely;

  7. Monitor your or project progress regularly;

  8. Avoid distractions;

  9. Take breaks;

  10. Know when to “log off” and take time for self-care.

To help you organise tasks, manage time, communicate with your team and deliver results, Remote Stash has gathered 330 essential tools, find out here.

And remember #StayHome #StaySafe

by Tânia Espinheira

Design & Marketing Manager @Passio Consulting

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