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The new remote work scenario drives Nearshore

Atualizado: 4 de jan. de 2022

At a time when we all live in suspense because of COVID-19, especially the global economy, let's remind Portugal's growing role as a reference for IT services in Nearshore.

This new digital era of information is bringing people closer and nowadays different cultures work together better than ever. The mindset is more similar, all due to the globalisation and the progress of technology. And with the pandemic scenario, nowadays, Nearshore is becoming more widely.

One of the main challenges of the Nearshore service is related to the natural tendency to work with local teams instead of remote teams, however, with the current scenario, in which remote work has grown considerably, this problem is no longer a big issue. And with the travels more limited the business processes are done remotely too, sometimes becoming more easy and fast. So we can say Nearshore brings higher value to all players: organisation, employees and clients. In the last years, Portugal became a trend, with several distinctions in tourism, UEFA European Championship, the Eurovision Song Contest, Web Summit, among other milestones that put Portugal on the global media agenda. But more than a trend, we have some characteristics that make us a better option than other countries: like high technical skills, language skills, flexibility, adaptability, excellent response time, as well as competitive value, geographic location, safety, great climate and lower costs.

Portugal is a reference in IT Services, helping an increasing number of overseas companies to develop and implement technological solutions that, with more or less complexity associated, have a high-quality level of delivery as a requirement.

Choosing a remote team can bring more value to your business in several ways. Besides economic motivations, there are other factors, for example, a more multicultural team can bring different visions and experiences, which can play a fundamental role if we are trying to build something innovative or if we want to become more global.

In Passio Nearshore, we have a team with high technical quality, capacity for innovation and research, constantly learning, we create opportunities and challenges not only for young graduates but also for more senior positions, we have international partners as well as an excellent adaptation to the needs of our clients.

Portugal is not only good food, sun, beach, Amalia or Cristiano Ronaldo. There are also very talented people when it comes to technology. Once unknown seas were sailed, today the audacity is kept diving into the challenges of technology, giving an answer with all the typical Portuguese boldness.

From Lisbon to the world, we transform data into performance. Ask us how!

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