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Tradition and modernity of ETL processes

Atualizado: 4 de jan. de 2022

Estimating the average object creation time in traditional ETL tools depends on the structures of the organisations and the type of creation intended. Considering both traditional and automation tools, there are tasks that we will have to ensure equality and that will consume about the same time, they are the data access assignments, their connections and the available slots for cross-environments, being the last two points already differentiating the type of tool used.

With the premise of “doing more with less”, several tools emerged in the market that simplified the entire process of building ETL processes. The first major advantage is that a user can perform a complete process from data connections to crossover environments. Of course, all the dynamism offered by the tools will require changes to the structures of companies and the way they are used to working.

Then all these new tools are developed to assist users in building processes, providing logical predefined structures, providing robust templates with best practices in the area, automating template documentation, simplifying the construction of packages for passage between environments.

These new tools have responded to companies' growing needs for information systems resources, their lack in market and meeting new, more agile and flexible working methodologies to meet particular needs in a space that traditional tools were unimaginable.

by Nelson Mendes

Business Intelligence Consultant @Passio Consulting

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