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Data Scientists and Marketers team up for better results

Atualizado: 4 de jan. de 2022

Marketers are responsible for attracting, converting and retaining clients, creating value for a product, service or brand. To achieve their goals, they need to know the market, the clients and the competitors.

That’s why with more accurate predictions, smarter business decisions will be made, and this is the main value that data science offers to marketing.

AI has become a buzzword, everyone as seen and read a million articles about how AI will revolutionise the world, from agriculture to video games. AI marketing automation and machine learning tools will only help if the marketers know what are looking for, and if they communicate clearly with/to a data scientist.

Data scientists need to understand the goals and determine how data can be used to achieve those goals. They design data modelling processes, create algorithms to draw out patterns and insights from client behaviour, social media activity and other datasets, make predictions and then help analyse the data and sharing the insights with peers. Helping marketers to plan strategy content and measure success.

Today, clients demand more personalised experiences, for example for online shopping and browsing. But it’s difficult to determine who wants what by simply checking who’s visit the website. By combining data, from the website and machine learning tools, we can better segment audiences with demographic or even economic data to offer the right products, experience and services at the right time. By being able to know more deeply the client, knowing what they want at the moment and, most important, predict and anticipate their real needs and interests.

Data scientist help Marketers to recommend, analyse, cross and accelerate new and already implemented campaigns, increase the effectiveness of the strategy, develop more targeted and personalised actions, increase the possibilities for success and new business opportunities.

While data scientists are more focused on hard numbers and quantifiable statistics, marketers need that data to back up their intuitions, decisions and actions. They need each other’s perspectives to get the complete picture.

Data Scientists and Marketers need to team up for better results and make an impact today and tomorrow.

So, from data to performance, you are opening a new path for your business!

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